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iPhone Screen Protector Tempered Glass

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0.33mm Film For iPhone

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  • Genuine Tempered Glass
    This Tempered Glass is a Genuine Glass with 9H Hardness which is so strong that even a knife won't scratch it. So you can rest assured your Screen is Safe!


    3D Touch Compatible
    Fully compatible with Apple 3D Touch on the latest iPhone models.


    9H Hardness To Protect From Drops
    This Glass will protect upon impact by absorbing the shock upon itself rather than the precious and expensive LCD Screen.


    We use a Thin glass which means that not only is your iPhone Screen protected but once applied, you won't even know it's on! This ensures that your original iPhone

    Screen experience remains rather than having a bulky piece of glass over your beautiful iPhone.


    Ultra HD Resolution
    The glass used will give you the Highest Quality Resolution so you won't even notice the Glass is even on, it's that good!


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iPhone Screen Protector Tempered Glass

iPhone Screen Protector Tempered Glass

0.33mm Film For iPhone